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April 13, 2020  |  Axios

The economic effects of coronavirus may devastate those who can least afford it

Job losses will disproportionately displace low-income workers.

April 13, 2020  |  The New York Times

The America We Need

How to make the nation more just, less fragile — and more free.

March 30, 2020  |  Bloomberg Markets

Coronavirus Is Shifting the Focus of Leading ESG Investors

While most money managers hunt for bargains in the market upheaval, Jonas Kron is searching for good guys.

March 30, 2020  |  The Wall Street Journal

Logistics Firms Endeavor to Keep Goods Moving as Much of Economy Shuts Down

Warehouse operators across the U.S. are sanitizing workplaces, providing protective gear to workers and separating staff as they try to keep supply chains running while much of the country’s economy shuts down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

March 30, 2020  |  Forbes

In The Covid Crisis, The Common Worker Is Our Hero

As the country mobilizes to fight Covid-19, wage workers are now the heroes who keep us alive. The C suite should wake up now and act, once the crisis has passed, on their need for a living wage.

February 23, 2020  |  MIT

Calculating Air Pollution’s Death Toll, Across State Lines

About half of the premature deaths caused by poor air quality are linked to pollutants that blow in from other states, a new study found.

February 23, 2020  |  Forbes

We’re Listening To Marty Lipton. It’s About Time.

Back in the 70s, Marty Lipton was a lone voice crying out in the wilderness. Now he’s joined by many others: Klaus Schwab, Just Capital, and the Business Roundtable. They’re all urging a shift from shareholder primacy to a new model of stakeholder capitalism.

February 23, 2020  |  Bloomberg

New York State Pension Fund Makes $800 Million Bet on ESG Credit

The New York State Common Retirement Fund put $800 million in sustainable fixed-income strategies this year, including sustainable private credit and green bonds, a rare big bet on debt in the equity-dominated market for responsible investing.

February 7, 2020  |  Yahoo Finance

Employers boosting efforts to create respect and dignity at work

Yahoo highlights William Towers Watson’s 2019 Workplace Dignity Survey. One insight? 8% of employers believe their workforce is treated with dignity and respect, but only 65% of employees feel the same.

February 7, 2020  |  Catalyst

10 Reasons Every Company Should Offer Paid Paternity Leave (And Every Father Should Take It)

Catalyst offers up 10 reasons why companies should offer paternity leave. One? Nearly two-thirds of men would change jobs to have more time to spend with their kids.

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