Today’s economy is leaving too many people behind. Millions of hard-working Americans struggle to get by and feel as though the deck is stacked against them. Trust in corporations is at an all-time low. Inequality is rising. Faith in capitalism is eroding. Many core social, health, educational, and environmental indicators are getting worse not better. For many Americans, tomorrow will not be better than today.

It’s as though the market’s focus on maximizing short term profit has stripped the humanity out of business and now imperils our collective future prosperity.

At JUST Capital, our mission is to build a more just marketplace that better reflects the true priorities of the American people.

We believe that business, and capitalism, can and must be a positive force for change. We believe that if they have the right information, people will buy from, invest in, work for, and otherwise support companies that align with their values. And we believe that business leaders are searching to win back the trust of the public in ways that go beyond money.

By shifting the immense resources and ingenuity of the $15 trillion private sector onto a more balanced, more just course, we can help build a better future for everyone.

JUST Capital is a nonprofit research organization that seeks to provide all our society’s stakeholders—employees, concerned citizens, business leaders and others—with the information they need to assess how just companies are. By providing the right knowledge and making it easy to access and understand, we believe capital will flow to corporations that are more just, ultimately leading to a balanced business world that takes into account human needs that are so often neglected today.

Who Are the Stakeholders?

We mention stakeholders throughout the site and reference them in our Rankings and Methodology. Here are the groups we’ve identified as stakeholders in our Mission and process.

  • Consumers/American Citizens
  • Investors
  • Business Leadership
  • Policy Makers
  • Researchers and Data Scientists