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Ranking companies on the issues Americans care about most – giving you the power to build a more just marketplace. Explore the Rankings

Which Companies Are Most Just?

Which Issues Matter Most?

  • Workers

    Workers are the top priority for just companies, according to Americans. 84 percent say that just companies should pay workers a fair wage. Americans also place high importance on workplace safety, non-discrimination, and work-life balance.

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    Most JUST companies by Workers

    • Customers

      Most Americans rank customer treatment as essential to just business behavior, second only to workers. 88 percent of Americans agree that just companies should protect customer privacy, and 82 percent say just companies should not discriminate in customer treatment.

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      Most JUST companies by Customers

      • Products

        Americans want corporations to focus on the ways their products and services affect the daily lives of those who interact with them, with 80 percent agreeing that just companies should make products that are beneficial to health, environment, or society.

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        Most JUST companies by Products

        • Environment

          Americans see the planet as a key stakeholder, with 78 percent agreeing that just companies should minimize pollution and 83 percent suggesting that companies should use environmental resources efficiently.

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          Most JUST companies by Environment

          • Communities

            Both at home and abroad, Americans care how companies support communities. More than 80 percent want to see companies maintain strong relationships with local communities, and 76 percent agree they should not do business with partners or suppliers with abusive conditions.

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            Most JUST companies by Communities

            • Jobs

              Americans believe just companies have an obligation to both create and maintain U.S. jobs, with 84 percent agreeing that a key priority for just companies must be job creation in the United States.

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              Most JUST companies by Jobs

              • Management & Shareholders

                Americans prioritize just leadership within companies, as well as meeting the needs of investors. 87 percent of Americans agree that corporate leaders should act and communicate with integrity, and 78 percent say that companies should provide investor return.

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                Most JUST companies by Management & Shareholders

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