Teresa Yung

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

As Chief Financial and Operating Officer of JUST, Teresa works to strengthen and align central operational business processes and financial functions with JUST’s mission of building a just and equitable marketplace. She has oversight over the company’s financial activities, tax compliance, and financial internal controls. She also manages JUST’s operations and business processes to ensure that teams are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Prior to joining JUST, she was the Chief Operating Officer of CDP North America, where she managed the organization’s finance, legal, HR, communications, events, and operations functions. Past roles include her position as the North American Financial Controller of a global recycling company and her work as an auditor and consultant for Ernst & Young.

Teresa brings extensive experience in audit, advisory, and financial reporting from her work supporting multiple financial institutions. She is a licensed CPA and holds a Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management and a Master of Accounting from the Canadian University of Waterloo. After developing her career and becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada, Teresa moved to New York City with aims to broaden her career in a meaningful direction. She is passionate about leveraging the business world to drive a positive social impact.

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