Chart of the Week: Global Sustainable Asset Flows Continue to Set Records in 2021

This week, we are highlighting an external report published recently by Morningstar, showcasing the continued record-setting growth of sustainable asset flows. 

Looking at the chart below, we see the global inflows in Q1 2021 to sustainability-focused open-end and ETF products accumulating $185.3 billion in assets. This marks a 406% increase over the $45.6 billion pulled in by ESG strategies just one year earlier in Q1 2020. 

What’s notable is that Europe continues to dominate in terms of assets, accounting for roughly 82% of global assets under management in the sustainable fund space per Morningstar’s classification, while the U.S. sits at 13.4% of assets.

The market continues to see record-setting performance from strong earnings reports in 2021, a large-scale shift in investor preference from growth to value, and COVID-19 vaccine distribution progress. Despite the change in investment regimes, the JUST US Large Cap Diversified Index (JULCD) has continued to deliver outperformance by 72bps YTD as of 5/12/2021 over the Russell 1000. This trend proves the JULCD is a “portfolio for all seasons” as just companies focused on the long-term continue to show market resilience. From the chart above and the JULCD’s continued outperformance, it’s clear that investor demand for sustainability and stakeholder capitalism shows no signs of slowing. 

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