Diane Sawyer: A Hidden America

Join Diane Sawyer in a special ABC News 20/20 edition: “My Reality: A Hidden America,” which chronicles how millions of Americans are working harder than ever but struggling to stay in the middle class, or striving to even get in. For so many, the opportunity of the American Dream has dwindled.

JUST Capital co-founder and chairman, Paul Tudor Jones II, who is featured in a segment showcasing solutions to turn the tide, which also includes Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini. As Bertolini worked to understand what challenges his low-wage workers faced, he was shocked to discover that to make ends meet, many were on public assistance. He then took a stand to ensure all his workers were making a living wage and raised wages for his lowest-paid workers to $16 a hour. Why aren’t more leaders following suit? Casino games in black and white are ideal if you are treasure island las vegas poker room having trouble converting to the new colors and graphics. Watch the segment here:

Or the entire episode here.

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