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gender pay equity

March 29, 2021  |  JUST Capital

The JUST Report: These Are The Companies That Are Best For Women

Pay equity mattered a lot to the public before the pandemic, and it matters even more now.

December 15, 2020  |  JUST Capital

Diversity at JUST Capital

At the end of August 2020, we fielded a voluntary demographic survey of our workforce, which included questions about age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, disability, and veteran status. Now we’re unpacking the results.

Illustration of gender pay gap with money and seesaw

December 17, 2019  |  JUST Capital

5 Things Every Man Should Do to Help Close the Gender Pay Gap

Men can do a lot to help women achieve fair pay, whether they’re at the bottom of the ladder or the top. Here are just a few examples.

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