Watch JUST’s Yusuf George Discuss How Corporate America Has More Work to Do When it Comes to Disclosing Racial Pay Equity Analysis

This morning, JUST Managing Director of Corporate Engagement Yusuf George joined Andrew Ross Sorkin on CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss our Corporate Racial Equity Tracker and our latest analysis of how companies are measuring up when it comes to disclosing pay equity analyses.

“31 companies of the 100 largest that we look at disclose an analysis by race or ethnicity. 14 of those have shown us the gap,” Yusuf explained. “It’s critical companies are doing this type of analysis if they are really committed to advancing equity.” With yesterday marking one year since the murder of George Floyd, our Tracker explores the commitments companies have made over the last year, and the actions they’ve taken to advance racial equity for their workers and communities – including taking the critical step to prioritize pay equity.

Watch the full conversation below to learn why pay equity is critical to advancing racial equity, which companies are taking the lead, and why talk of commitment is not enough.


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