Tracy Stewart

Managing Director, Investor Strategies

Tracy Stewart is the Managing Director, Investor Strategies. In her new role, Tracy will help advance JUST’s mission of building a more effective and inclusive form of capitalism by assisting in the development of investor stakeholder and financial markets strategies. She will serve as a subject matter expert in shareholder and governance issues while helping to advance JUST’s Rankings, evaluate metrics, and release thought leadership postings and whitepapers. She will also assist in creating industry partnerships and products based on the core issues of JUST’s Polling and Rankings. 

Previously, Tracy served as Director of Research at the Council of Institutional Investors (CII), a nonprofit, nonpartisan association of U.S. institutional asset owners with combined assets under management of approximately $4 trillion, where she developed research, wrote publications on investor issues and served as staff liaison to the CII Board of Directors Policies Committee and membership-wide Corporate Governance Advisory Committee. 

Prior to joining CII, Tracy held senior corporate governance roles at the $250 billion Florida State Board of Administration. She is a recognized leader in corporate governance and sustainable investment, specifically board structure and accountability, executive compensation incentives and alignment, governance risk management and mitigation, shareholder rights, the role of transparency and accountability in ensuring efficacy and efficiency in the capital markets, and the relationship between public policy and value creation.

Tracy received her Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering and Masters in Business Administration from Florida State University. Tracy served as a visiting assistant professor of finance at Florida State University from 2011-2013. She holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a CIPM designation. She also has held a number of roles as board member for organizations that advocate for people with disabilities and autism.

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