Paul Tudor Jones Delivers Keynote at Inside ETFs

At this year’s Inside ETFs conference, JUST Capital Co-Founder and Chairman Paul Tudor Jones II gave a keynote around why the companies that perform best on the issues Americans care about most help not only to build a more just and equitable economy, but to deliver lasting value to shareholders. You can watch the full talk here.

Video courtesy of Inside ETFs

While there, he also spoke with CNBC’s Bob Pisani about stock buyback mania, and the need to flip the focus from shareholder primacy, commenting “if I was a director on a public company..there’s two questions I would ask before I even thought about shareholder buybacks. The first question would be: how many of my employees are not making a living wage? The second…what are we doing to help local communities?”

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Also stay tuned, as the JUST ETF/JUST Index was nominated for Best ETF of the Year (!), Best New ETF, Most Innovative ETF, Best New ESG ETF, as well as Index of the Year.

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