The Companies Leading on Health for Communities and Families

The push for healthier workplaces is growing every day – with corporate leaders creating employee wellness programs that foster work-life balance, and building more comfortable and productive workspaces.

And yet, there’s something more fundamental missing from the conversation around corporate health and wellness. While companies are increasingly attending to the comfort and well-being of their employees at work – many of Americans’ essential needs remain unmet, with inequality on the rise and economic stability out of reach for more than a third of the country.

Creating a culture of health in our nation must start by addressing these essential needs, and corporate America – with its substantial impact on jobs, housing, transportation, education, and the environment – plays a critical role in leading the way.

To show how business can and must cultivate a culture of health, JUST Capital has released new analysis, with support from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, evaluating how companies perform on core issues – from paying a living wage and providing good benefits to maintaining strong community relationships and minimizing pollution.

Below, we’re highlighting the top ten from our list of 100 U.S. Companies Supporting Communities and Families and some recent initiatives. These companies understand that health begins with how they operate their businesses and impact the everyday lives of their employees, customers, and communities. And many of them do go above and beyond – providing fitness memberships, remote work opportunities, and outstanding workspaces. But when it comes to building healthier workforces and communities, these are, dare I say, just icing on the cake.  

Earlier this year, Microsoft made national headlines by investing $500 million into affordable housing in Seattle – a move that signals a long-term commitment to the company’s local community.

In 2017, Cigna expanded its paid parental leave policy to offer employees worldwide up to twelve weeks of maternity leave, four weeks of paternity leave, and four weeks of adoption leave.

In 2016, Intel launched WarmLine, a hotline where employees can confidentially raise workplace issues and work with case managers toward resolution.

Among its many efforts to address community health, Humana reduced the number of members receiving opioid prescriptions above high-risk dosages by 36% in 2018.

Medtronic’s excellent benefits include a highly detailed paid time off policy (20 to 35 days, based on tenure) and paid parental leave, as well as adoption assistance.

Abbott Laboratories
Abbott Laboratories’ philanthropic arm – the Abbott Fund – “drives social innovations that lead to more resilient, healthier communities” and in 2017, contributed close to $65 million toward product donations, patient assistance, and grants.

Autodesk’s software products provide technology for green building, sustainable manufacturing, and circular design – creating tools for more sustainable environmental outcomes and a healthier planet.

In 2017, Salesforce opened a new child care center at its headquarters, serving more than 100 working parents, and provides subsidized backup child care at other locations.

Through its employee charitable giving program, NVIDIA matches up to $1,000 annually, allowing workers – who also receive unlimited time off, which they can use to volunteer – to support their local communities.

Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments sources most products and services locally to drive economic growth, and supports minority- and women-owned businesses in communities where it operates.

Explore the details in the 100 U.S. Companies Supporting Communities and Families.

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