Lloyd Blankfein interviews Paul Tudor Jones

On June 18th, Paul Tudor Jones II sat down with Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, for a 45-minute “Talks at GS” interview where they discuss his life as a trader, his approach to driving innovation in philanthropy, and his quest to make business more just in the U.S.

“The secret sauce of JUST is that we go to the American people and we poll them every year… And we ask them [to] tell us what [they] think is important for corporate justness, and the amazing thing is the American people have an incredible story to tell… If you follow what the American public says are the most important things, then you end up not only being just, but you also end up being more profitable…The companies in the $JUST ETF pay their employees better, give 2.3 times more to charity, and earn 7% more ROE on average. If you follow what the American public wants, you are not only just, you’re more profitable.”


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