Chart of the Week: JUST Industry Leaders Maintain Their Performance Upside Through the Recovery

In this week’s Chart of the Week, we take a look at our JUST Industry leaders across the 33 industries we cover in our universe. Over the trailing one year, JUST Industry leaders have proven their resiliency through the market downturn in March and continue to see strong outperformance in the recovery. Relative to the Russell 1000, the JUST Industry leaders are outperforming by 9.6%. Looking at the chart, it’s clear that our best-in-class JUST companies see similar volatility to the rest of the universe, yet see continued protection on the downside coupled with a much stronger upside. 

As big tech continues to grab headlines for propelling the stock market out of the recession this year, it’s important to recognize significant outperformance by the best-in-class companies across all industries that are prioritizing stakeholders. Investors continue to advance stakeholder capitalism each day as we see company prioritization of its workforce, customers, and communities remain a significant source of alpha. Outside of our Chart of the Week series, it is important to showcase how JUST industry leaders continue to propel our investable indices and investment products to success as well. Our JUST US Large Cap Diversified Index contains the top 50% of companies in each industry and has returned 23.73% over the trailing one year (as of 8/31/2020). The ETF that tracks this index, Goldman Sachs’ JUST US Large Cap Equity ETF has returned 23.29% in that same period net of fees. Relative to the Russell 1000, both the index and ETF have outperformed by over 200bps net of fees. 

By investing, purchasing from, and working for more just companies, you help progress an economy that works for all stakeholders and incentivize a shift towards a more equitable America.

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