JUST Capital Announces Release of Company Data for Review in Advance of Corporate Ranking

JUST Capital, a nonprofit that measures the performance of large U.S. corporations on the issues Americans care most about, today announced that it is releasing to companies details of the data that will be used for its inaugural rankings. Representatives from ranked companies can access their own company data, as well as JUST Capital’s scoring methodology and metrics, via a secure corporate portal.

“JUST Capital is building what we believe will be the definitive source of information, rankings and tools on how companies measure up on the priorities of all stakeholders,” said Martin Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer of JUST Capital. “Being transparent and unbiased are hallmarks of our platform, and the keys to building trust. We are committed to opening up dialogue with all companies being ranked and working constructively with them and all stakeholders to ensure that our data and metrics reflect their performance as accurately as possible.”

A current list of ranked companies can be found here. Representatives from ranked companies can contact corpengage@justcapital.com for a personal login to the corporate portal. Comments regarding company data and submissions of additional data will be accepted via the secure platform during an open feedback period from September 1 to October 1. Following the feedback period, JUST Capital will review comments and submission prior to the release of its inaugural company rankings for 32 industry sectors in late November.

Companies will be ranked across a wide ranging set of issues, including fair pay, quality of benefits, workplace treatment, product attributes, customer satisfaction, leadership and ethics, supply chain standards, and environmental performance. JUST Capital uses a combination of publicly available company data; third-party vendor data; government data; crowd-sourced data; and other specialty information. The full list of data sources is published in the organization’s methodology, which is available via the Corporate Portal and Our Methodology.

For more information, please contact:

Michelle Mullineaux
Director of Marketing

Email: mmullineaux@justcapital.com
Phone: (646) 854.2156

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