JUST Managing Director Yusuf George on CNBC Squawk Box: The Corporate Racial Equity Tracker

This morning, JUST Managing Director Yusuf George joined Andrew Ross Sorkin on CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss our latest initiative to track the efforts corporate America is making to advance racial equity in workplaces and communities across the country – the Corporate Racial Equity Tracker.

“What we’ve seen by assessing the 100 largest American companies,” Yusuf explains, “is that they’re really good at disclosing what we like to call baseline DEI policies – things like anti-harassment or Equal Employment Opportunity – but they’re not so great at showcasing actions that show accountability toward their progress. Things like pay equity data. Things like setting diverse hiring targets. So what we’re doing is we’re calling on companies to be transparent in the same way institutional investors are asking for this information.”

Watch the full interview below to learn how this work can and should be a central focus this proxy season, and explore the findings from our Tracker here.


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