Key Findings From JUST Capital’s 2021 Focus Groups

Every year, we begin our research process by holding focus groups with a diverse cross-section of the American public. During these facilitated conversations with Americans, we seek to understand what people expect from corporate America and how they define a “just” company. These groups – which form the basis of our annual survey effort and our Rankings of America’s Most JUST Companies – yield rich, qualitative insights into the values people wish to see corporate behavior embody, particularly in how companies treat their workers, customers, shareholders, communities, and the environment.

In February 2021, JUST Capital and The Harris Poll conducted eight virtual focus groups – exploring a set of key questions with survey respondents:

  • What are Americans’ expectations regarding just business behavior? What specific behaviors are considered just or unjust?
  • How have events of the last year impacted expectations for companies and the definition of just behavior, particularly in the context of COVID-19 and racial equality?
  • What are the public’s reactions to specific topics such as fair wages, gig/contract work, or caregiving?
  • What role does the public believe companies should play in speaking out on social issues, including those focused on government and democracy?

To learn more about Americans’ views on these, and other core issues of our time, explore a snapshot of our findings here:

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