Modeling What We Measure: Pay Equity at JUST Capital

When it comes to just business behavior, nothing – according to the American public – is more important than worker pay and treatment. And a key element of being just when it comes to workers – again, according to Americans – is paying employees equally, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, or age.

At JUST Capital, we are committed to just and equitable business behavior, and evaluate companies based on their pay equity practices, highlighting those who take the lead and encouraging others to work toward eliminating pay gaps and instituting greater transparency. Our work on this front has been featured in Business Insider and Forbes, as we continue to push for more robust disclosure on this critical issue.

In addition to our analysis of just companies, it’s also essential that we model the very behaviors we are measuring in corporations, and deliver on the same business practices we promote. To that end, JUST Capital pledges to roll out our own Equal Pay Policy as part of the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC)’s pledging event on September 26, 2018. EPIC is an international initiative working to contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of establishing, by 2030, equal pay between men and women for work of equal value.

JUST Capital pledges to conduct an annual analysis of staff compensation, establish an action plan to ensure that we deliver on pay equity for all employees, and publicly post details on our website. As part of of broader mission, we will also continue to raise awareness around pay equity at the largest, publicly-traded corporations in the U.S., and will track whether the companies we evaluate have conducted a pay equity analysis or committed to conduct a pay equity analysis (either through public statements, or as a signatory to the White House Pledge or UN Women’s Empowerment principles). We will also add EPIC pledges as one of the data sources we utilize in our research and ranking process.

We are proud to make this commitment, alongside the many companies we evaluate who are paving the way on this important issue, and align ourselves with the priorities of the American public.

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