Watch JUST Capital & NYSE’s Investor Event: Business & Markets as a Force for Good

Last week, NYSE and JUST Capital joined forces for a discussion on how companies and investors can lead in building a more just and inclusive economy that works for all Americans.

Conversations explored how institutional investors are reshaping the role of business in society and how companies are investing better and doing good by taking the long view. Opening remarks from Paul Tudor Jones – JUST Capital Co-Founder and Chairman – and Lynn Martin – International Exchange Data Services President & CEO – ask why stakeholder capitalism is so critical today, and what’s next for ESG investing.

Watch the full event here, and for details on the specific panels – including featured speakers and video time stamps – scroll below:


Opening Remarks

  • Paul Tudor Jones II, JUST Capital Co-Founder and Chairman, JUST Capital
  • Lynn Martin, President & COO, Intercontinental Exchange Data Services

How Institutional Investors Are Shaping The Role of Business In Society

  • Rodrigo Garcia, Deputy State Treasurer, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Illinois State Treasurer
  • Anna Pot, Head of Responsible Investments, APG Asset Management US
  • Warren Valdmanis, Partner, Two Sigma Impact
  • Interviewed by: Vonnie Quinn, Anchor, Bloomberg Television

McKinsey & Company Fireside Chat

  • Featuring Partner Richard Steele in conversation with Lorraine Wilson, Director of Investor Products, JUST Capital

Beyond The Short Term – How Companies are Investing Better and Doing Good by Taking the Long View

  • Brookly McLaughlin, Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Intercontinental Exchange
  • Angela Santone, Senior Executive Vice President, Human Resources, AT&T
  • Kathy Sayko, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer, PGIM
  • Interviewed by: Martin Whittaker, CEO, JUST Capital

Closing Remarks

  • Martin Whittaker, CEO, JUST Capital

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