20 Companies that Care About Human Rights: JUST Capital and OpenInvest Make it Easy to Invest in Them

JUST Capital is proud to announce a new collaboration with OpenInvest, an automated investment advisor that builds portfolios based on the specific issues – including LGBTQ Rights, Gun Violence, and the Refugee Crisis – that matter most to investors. In recognition of the United Nations’ World Day against Trafficking in Persons (July 30, 2017), OpenInvest has added the Human Rights in Supply Chain Screen, utilizing JUST Capital’s data to identify a set of 20 diverse companies that are committed to fighting forced labor in their supply chains, among other human rights abuses. These companies include:

Human Rights and Supply Chain Screen

Through our extensive, nationwide survey work, we have found that the American public cares a great deal about the impact corporations have on human and labor rights. Americans believe that companies should use suppliers that treat workers well, make efforts to reduce child and forced labor, and avoid contributing to conflict abroad or engaging with repressive governments.

Supply Chain Impact

In our assessment of the over 900 companies from the Russell 1000, we tracked their public commitment to respecting human rights in their operations, the implementation of this commitment in their supply chain, their reporting in these efforts, and whether there have been any controversies related to human rights abuses. The JUST Capital approach draws from the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as the International Labor Organization’s fundamental Conventions. As part of our metric selection process, we consulted with experts from leading organizations such as the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark and the Fair Labor Association.

Through collaborations with organizations like OpenInvest, JUST Capital seeks to make it easier for people, companies, and markets to do the right thing. Americans agree that a commitment to reducing human rights abuses is essential to corporate justness. In partnership with OpenInvest, whose goal is to drive change in America through its investment screens, JUST Capital asks that investors take action in putting their money toward their vision, and toward their belief in what makes companies JUST.

What can you do now?

  • Follow JUST Capital to keep abreast of our full rankings (coming this fall) and to learn more about our ongoing research insights.
  • Learn more about OpenInvest and sign up for an investment account that incorporates these JUST companies.
  • Share the list of Companies that are working to #EndModernSlavery with your network
  • If you have any information about potential human trafficking violations, contact the Department of Homeland Security, or the National Human Trafficking Hotline.


Adrienne Wong does research with JUST Capital, focusing on supply chain impacts. Previously, Adrienne was Presidential Management Fellow with the U.S. Department of Labor. As a government fellow, Adrienne also worked on labor and human rights issues with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, OSHA, and the Wage and Hour Division. Her prior experience includes graduate work with Human Rights Watch and the Danish Institute for Human Rights. Adrienne received her master’s degree from SAIS.

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